a woman has twins and gives them up for adoption

one of them goes to a family in egypt and is named amal the other goes to a family in spain they name him juan

years later juan sends a picture of himself to his birth mother. upon receiving the picture she tells her husband that she wishes she also had a picture of amal

he responds “theyre twins if youve seen juan youve seen amal”



this is terrible 

365 movie challenge Day 279 (May 26th)

Today’s movie was “Back in the Day” (2014). This movie I really enjoyed it was your typical comedy reminded me a bit of like American Pie in the sense that the plot was a little lacking however the movie itself just was so well put together that you had to see it in order to really get the vibe to it. Twenty years after graduation its reunion time and Jim decides to go back to the town he’s long since left and reunite with everyone. While reuniting with his boys and rekindling a new love live the town is almost destroyed as the boys get started on what they do best. Good movie lots of funny parts,however I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone and I wouldn’t watch it again.  

365 movie challenge Day 278 (May 25th)

Today’s movie was “Dogma” (1999). I love this movie it has been an all time favourite for a while so I decided to add it to the challenge. The movie starts out with two angels, Bartleby and Loki, who are trying their best to get back into heaven. It turns out that the two angles have been bared but they discover a loop hole in the plan. If they walk through the arches of this church they will be wiped clean of all their sins, then they must die and they will be welcomed back into heaven because they will be humans with clean slates. Azazel finds this out and must try his best to stop this from actually happening, so he recruits a young woman named Bethany to stop the angels from getting to the church and entering heaven again. My favourite part was Jay and Silent Bob, I loved how they were the stero typical stoners but they had crazy belifes that I loved! (A woman’s body is her own, they love John Huges movies). This is one of those movies that are so good, that almost any explination of it won’t come close to doing it justice. Everytime I watch this movie I love a different aspect. Great film. God is the best part she’s just so cute and carefree not what I was expecting and not what is always described. :)

365 movie challenge Day 277 (May 24th)

Todays movie was “Xmen: Days of Future Past” (2013). I was super excited about another Xmen movie and this one didn’t disappoint. After things have gone horribly wrong in their world the Xmen send wolverine back in time in order to save their world and the future as they know it. This leaves the Xmen stuck to fight foes in two different time frames their current one and the villians of the past. What I liked about it was even though they were all over time frames I never once found it super confusing they did such a great job of explaining everthing. And I couldn’t be more pleased.

365 movie challenge Day 276 (May 23rd)

Todays movie was “Tower Heist” (2011). The movie starts off with a man named Josh Kovaks and he is a security guard at a hotel. Things are going well until one of their high clients (Mr. Shaw) gets kidnapped right out of their hotel.Turns out Mr. Shaw has been launderin money and got arrested by the police for fraud. Since he got arrested it then becomes clear that all of the employee’s pensions are gone because that is where he got the money. Shaw gets house arrest, however his house is the hotel which he managed, which is taked care of by the people he screwed over. With nothing left in their pensions Josh and a few of the other employee’s don’t know what to do, until Jovaks get’s an idea.He and his former employees decide to rob Mr. Shaw and take all of the money this leaves them with their pension that was robbed from them and then some. I liked this movie because it was very almost like batman in a fight for what is right movement. I also liked how it was a comedy I think I they had tried to make this an action or even a drama movie it would have flopped. Good one though, and I’m glad that I finally watched it. I loved the ending a little predictable but really cute. 

365 movie challenge Day 275 (May 22nd)

Todays movie was “The Covenant” (2006). The movie starts out with a girl named Sarah arriving in a new town. She is then introduced to a group of four friends, Caleb, Chase, Reid and Taylor.The only problem is this group of boys isnt like any others she’s ever met. The boys belong to a supernatural legacy. Turns out that each of the boys have a special power, the only problem is the more that the use these powers the more addicted and older they become until eventually they die. So they must conserve their strength. I liked of of the magical talk and myths that was in this movie it made it very unique.Great movie while I think it is highly underrated. When a fifth member of the family shows up randomly they must do all they possibly can keep him from harming their families and keep him from stealing their powers and thus shattering the covenant for all time. I liked the tension and the fighting for power that the family put up against their enemy.I mostly liked how it was super dark and mysterious but not evill scary. Watch it.